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“I came to know about Woven Words from a friend. The courtesy and services of the publisher are heart-grabbing. A satisfactory service and the utmost importance of the author, makes Woven Words knit relationship with emotions.”

Ravi Teja Storyteller, Hyderabad, India

“It has been a great experience working with Woven Words. They’ve been extremely helpful from the first day, making sure that I get involved in everything in order to teach me the whole publishing process and they also let me take my decision in every step.”

Fatma Naqvi Poet Uttar Pradesh, India

“Woven Words did a lot more than what I had expected when I saw their website for the first time. Their highly co-operative team worked closely with me and have published two of my books. I would recommend Woven Words to authors who have written a book and have waited enough to hear from other publishers. They are a saviour.”

Laura Solomon Poet and novelist, New Zealand